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  • Truck transportation
    Road transportation is a universal way of transportation. The advantages of this type of transport is the absence of intermediate transshipments, relatively high speed and flexible route. Betox SP offers high-quality service at use of motor transport, relying on the established communications with our partners.
  • Shipping
    Shipping Sea transportation is one of the most economical, timely and effective ways of cargo delivery to the destination. This service can be trusting of Betox, which has a wealth of experience in the industry.
  • Air transportation
    One of the most popular options for transportation of various types of cargo both within one country and at a wider level is transportation by air, which is carried out as quickly, efficiently and reliably. It is for these reasons that international air cargo transportation is of the highest demand and is relevant for many companies that have partnerships with foreign colleagues.
  • Railage
    Betox company offers rail transportation in the world. One of the advantages of this type of transportation safety. Also, this delivery is quite affordable (compared to other types of transportation). It is here that the railway is one of the main ways of communication, which allows you to get to all corners of the country.
  • Multimodal transportation
    Betox company offers services in complex delivery of cargoes and their customs clearance. If you urgently need to transport, for example, 500 kg of sanitary ware or ceramic tiles from Europe, or Souvenirs and fabrics from China – please contact us. And your goods will come to you at the right time as part of the consolidated cargo.

Company Betox specializiruetsya on the implementation of international cargo transportation, the provision of transport services on the territory of the States of Europe and Asia and storage services. The accumulated experience and the existing resource base allow us to quickly perform the tasks set by the client, while setting very loyal rates.

Betox is engaged in the delivery of goods of all types. Delivery of oversized and project cargoes, industrial and construction equipment, metal structures and construction modules is carried out.

Our employees organize international cargo transportation by refrigerators for cargo requiring special temperature conditions of transportation. Logistics of transportation of cars and special equipment, bulk, bulk, and dangerous goods in full compliance with regulatory and environmental requirements has been worked out. For transportation all necessary transport both from own fleet of the company, and attracted is provided. We perform international transportation of goods by container ships, trawls, tents, Euro trucks and other vehicles.

Individual approach to the carrier and the client, as well as the organization of coordinated well – coordinated work of all participants in the process of international cargo transportation, even in conditions of high complexity, is the basis of our work. International cargo transportation with Betox is a high degree of cargo safety and its timely delivery.