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Business consultation gives you the opportunity to quickly get expert advice on business or career, an expert view from the outside on everyday situations, as a result of which you will be able to find a solution to your question or look at the problem from a different angle.

The procedure for conducting consultations on the business

  • Discussion of the subject of consultation: the time of 5-10 minutes, spend on the phone, as a result of our communication, we will assess the possibility of consulting on your issue, we will name the estimated cost and we will agree on the date of the consultation.
  • In consultation with you, we will formulate and fix the goals and objectives that you want to solve, determine the issues necessary for the study. Next, we fully discuss a specific task or business project, determine the direction of profit, minimize risks, outline specific steps, We will discuss this in detail later in the section: How we conduct business consultations.
  • Our consultations are paid (100% prepayment), the cost is determined individually depending on the direction of the consultation, the complexity of the problem and the degree of our load.
  • After consulting with you, we can determine the subsequent support of the project, the cost depends on many factors and can be said for sure only after the initial consultation.

Features of business consultations

  • We conduct all consultations on the basis of my experience and the experience of our corporate training listeners.
  • All information you transmit or receive for consultation is confidential, and we enter into a non — disclosure agreement.
  • After conducting a business consultation, you can act independently, using the knowledge gained.
  • If necessary, you can ask for further support and discuss long-term cooperation.

Areas of business consultation

  • Agile methods of flexible management and everything related to them, including crisis management.
  • Building international business, strategy and negotiation process.
  • General business issues: sales, negotiations, marketing.
  • For owners: business continuity and reinvestment of profits.
  • For employees: advice on personal matters and development of professional competencies.