ul. GRZYBOWSKA, nr 80/82, lok. 700, miejsc. WARSZAWA

Betox company offers services in complex delivery of cargoes and their customs clearance. If you urgently need to transport, for example, 500 kg of sanitary ware or ceramic tiles from Europe, or Souvenirs and fabrics from China – please contact us. And your goods will come to you at the right time as part of the consolidated cargo.

Our value:

  • Financial well-being and safety of Customers and Cargo;
  • Cooperation in the spirit of long-term partnership;
  • Professional approach and responsibility;
  • Convenience for the client and high level of service;
  • Individual approach to each Client and each cargo;
  • Professionalism, competence and goodwill of employees;
  • Open and positive interaction with partners, society, state.