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Betox company offers rail transportation in the world. One of the advantages of this type of transportation safety. Also, this delivery is quite affordable (compared to other types of transportation). It is here that the railway is one of the main ways of communication, which allows you to get to all corners of the country.

The company carries out delivery by means of a combination of different modes of transport. This is an effective way, which is very helpful when transporting between different countries. For example, sea transportation is carried out from Asia , and rail transportation of goods is carried out in Russia.

Freight international rail transportation from the company Betox-is:

  • qualified personnel using their experience on the railway to organize the delivery of Your goods;
  • guaranteed provision of covered wagons for loading;
  • delivery of goods in containers, including delivery by rail accelerated container trains;
  • railway transportation from China (in containers);
  • rail freight in the specialized motile structures: the mineral wagons, transporters, car carriers;
  • outsourcing in the field of railway transport management of industrial enterprises, that is a full range of transport and logistics services related to the movement of goods by rail.

The rate for each shipment by railway transport is calculated individually, as there are many options:

  • point of departure and destination
  • type of cargo (its name, dimensions, weight)
  • type of car
  • the urgency of the delivery