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Sea transportation is one of the most economical, timely and effective ways of cargo delivery to the destination. This service can be trusting of Betox, which has a wealth of experience in the industry.

The company provides an opportunity to use any kind of transport: sea, river, air or road. This means that sea freight will always be carried out on time, without loss, the best route for you. We will save you from the hassle associated with the registration of export, transit or import cargo.

A very effective way of cargo delivery to the destination is transportation by sea. Therefore, we take into account all your wishes regarding such services as:

  • sea transportation to the destination in the direction of any point of the world;
  • cargo control along the whole route;
  • full safety of goods and its delivery precisely in the stipulated terms;
  • sea transportation of oversized, dangerous goods;
  • development of optimal schemes of Maritime transport from the point of departure to the final point of arrival

For our company, sea freight is a system developed over the years, which allows us to achieve the best results, to provide customers with a full range of transport services at the most flexible prices.