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Road transportation is a universal way of transportation. The advantages of this type of transport is the absence of intermediate transshipments, relatively high speed and flexible route. Betox SP offers high-quality service at use of motor transport, relying on the established communications with our partners.

In the activities of Betox an important place is given to road transport, including road container transport, the demand for which is growing. In which cases of all types of transportation is optimal and profitable choice in favor of cars:

  • Cargo transportation for a relatively short distance.
  • It is necessary to deliver the goods quickly.
  • The destination is not accessible by other modes of transport.
  • A small amount of cargo.
  • Requires transportation of complex cargo: oversized or dangerous.

Road container transportation is a perspective direction of the company's activity:

The modern market of road transport, especially international, is characterized by a tendency to containerization of cargo flows. This explains the growing share of road container transportation in the total volume of orders of Betox company.

Many of our clients, from large companies to individuals, appreciated the possibility of safe and economical transportation of cargo on the principle of "door-to-door" inside a sealed container that protects the contents from mechanical damage and theft.

There are a number of problems that hinder the development of the freight industry: the state of highways, bureaucratic obstacles, high fuel prices. Nevertheless, successful and effective organization of transportation of your cargo is quite possible if it is carried out by a serious and proven company.

The advantages of container transport by road with the company Betox

Considerable experience and wide connections with reliable partners give our company a number of competitive advantages:

  • We transport goods, firmly guaranteeing their safety.
  • The company is responsible for strict adherence to deadlines.
  • Betox carries out the organization of container motor transportation on an optimum route taking into account individual requirements of the customer.
  • Quickly and correctly issued the necessary documents.
  • The level of service, qualification of employees, technical equipment of the company is consistently high and meets all modern standards.

Turning to the company Betox, you trust the road container transportation of your goods to real professionals, and the result will not disappoint you.